Draconis tales chapter 10

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Draconis tales chapter 10

Obsidian looked around, drake mountain didn't look like it was populated by dragons, but then they were invisible...

Then a pair of inquisitive yellow eyes appeared out of nowhere, followed by a large lizard-like body covered in colourful feathers, "Greetings, I am Bluefeathers" the rock drake said, in a high pitched voice similar to the call of an argentavis.

"I'm Obsidian" she replied, "I and two other wyverns were coming here, but the others... Melted", "ah, blood heirs?" The drake said, "yes" Obsidian replied. "Come this way to the inside, out here any heirs could see us" Bluefeathers said "inside?" Obsidian asked, "obviously" Bluefeathers said, curling her front talon around a rock and pulling slightly, the flat cliff next to it slid up revealing a large doorway, looking inside.

Obsidian realised just how good at hiding the rock drakes were, behind the cliff face, a huge downward sloping corridor was hidden.

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