Draconis tales chapter 8

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Draconis tales chapter 8

Obsidian scratched her back teeth together at just the right moment and a massive flame hit the blood heir straight in it's neck, but it submerged itself again for a moment to put it out, then Magnetite readied a lightning blast and blasted the water around it, a massive electric current coursed through the blood wyvern's veins, running into all three hearts simultaneously and creating an electric current between them, "Fly for your life!" Magnetite said to Obsidian, realising what was going to happen, she scuttled to the exit and threw open her leathery wings, looking back, she saw Magnetite appear from the entrance, moments before a massive explosion of electricity blasted out of the cave.

"That was close" Obsidian said, then, hearing the sound of wings, turned around and saw a massive living hurricane of crystal heirs flying around them, suddenly profectiles started appearing.

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