Draconis tales chapter 7

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Draconis tales chapter 7

A few days later, Obsidian was deeply regretting being the only fire wyvern reckless enough to go on the journey to drake mountain. She along with a Cerulean lightning named Magnetite and a greyish-green poison named Beryllium had got helfway there and already been attacked by crystal heirs, "We should find somewhere to rest for the night" Magnetite said, "Good idea" Obsidian agreed.

seeing a cave on a cliffside, they flew in and landed on the rocky ground, inside the cave there was a deep pool with a colourful coelacanth swimming around, Obsidian lit a small dead root on the wall with her fire and looked around the cave.

Noticing something strange in the pool Beryllium walked over "That's stra-" she started to say, but was cut off by a massive stream of acidic blood-venom, she started to totally liquify, draining into the pool. "Blood wyverns!" Obsidian yelled, filling her flame sac and preparing to blast a fireball at the rapidly emerging crystal wyvern.

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