Draconis tales chapter 6

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Draconis tales chapter 6

The giant white wyvern roared, the flames on it's scales

flaring, every wyvern in the crater bowed their scaly heads, an emerald green poison and a lightning the same shade of dark blue as a midnight sky flapped up onto two columns nearby

"Greetings, all wyverns of the west!" The alpha said, her voice echoing across the crater,

"We have gathered here to share news from drake mountain" the lightning said, in a voice that sounded like thunder,

"The rock drakes report an invasion of crystal wyvern heirs" the poison continued in a shrill voice. "We have decided to send fire, lightning, and fire representives from the wyvern desert to drake mountain, the lunar tundra and the crystal jungle to call a meeting of all dragonkind species!" The white alpha said, "We ask a wyvern from each type to make the journey" the lightning said.

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