Draconis tales chapter 4

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Draconis tales chapter 4

After grooming her scales for parasites, Obsidian leapt out of her alcove in the volcanic rock and took flight over the wyvern desert, she saw a blue lightning wyvern flying into her area, wasting no time, she flew towards the interloper and blasted flames at it,

But soon it became clear that this wyvern was not scared so easily, it shot a bolt of lightning straight for her, she dodged the worst but still felt her right talon go dead,

Blasting flames at the wyvern, she flew forward and bit at the creature, she managed to tear it's back ridge, but still it wouldn't give up, then she aimed a blast of fire at it's tail, turning the entire tip into ash, such a wound would take time to heal, and in the meantime that particular wyvern wouldn't be coming back. Flying back to her alcove, she found her talon was only paralyzed, it would probably work again in a few days, a so she decided to go to sleep in her alcove for the rest of the day

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