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Draconis tales chapter 3

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Draconis tales chapter 3

A few years later...

Obsidian somersaulted and swooped through the sky, enjoying her gift of flight, Obsidian was adult now and had managed to secure an alcove and a small patch of territory for herself.

down below she saw a fat moschops gorging itself on berries, adjusting her angle, she dove to catch the creature, pulling her talons forward, she grabbed the moschops and blasted it with flames, flying back to her alcove, she started to eat the cooked moschops, then flew down into the massive volcanic crater and curled up to sleep next to a lava flow.

A few hours later whe woke up and decided to check for intruders, flying high above the volcano she lived in, she looked over to the east, towards the drake mountain, home to strange invisible dragons, then north to the lunar tundra, which hid furry wyverns with their fire in their legs, as well as the ice wyverns,

Then south, to the crystal jungle, home of colourful wyverns with stones in their skulls.

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