Sorry if this is a bit late, I’ve been busy

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Sorry if this is a bit late, I’ve been busy

Lynx’s Tale

Chapter 8

The run was exhilarating, the new territory was fascinating, or at least to Lynx. “Alright let’s rest here” said Foliage as they neared a cliff wall “can I look around to make sure it’s safe asked Hypno “yes you may, but don’t go to far” replied Foliage as Hypno sped off. “So how far are we from the snow biome?” Asked Lynx as she sat down next to Foliage “Not far, can you feel the cold breeze? We’re resting here because it’s dangerous in the snow biome and we need to gather all our strength” said Foliage as Claw and Coryo walked up with a Parasaur each “this should be enough to feed all of us” said Claw as They dropped their Parasaur “good work you two, we’ll eat as soon as Hypno gets back” said Foliage.

After they had all eaten their fare share and rested they set off again and now Lynx was starting to see why it was so dangerous, they had come across many larger dinosaurs and sometimes, they only narrowly escaped. “How long until we get to the spot?” Asked Coryo while they ran “according to the intel are argentavis spy’s have brought us, it should be right down here” replied Foliage as she slowed to a stop at a cliff edge “Everyone crouch!” Hissed Foliage. The other three did as Foliage said. Everyone looked over the edge only to see a small human base surrounded by tamed animals, three tapejaras, one argentavis, and two trikes. The human base wasn’t complex like some of the others but from that fact that they managed to tame tapejaras they must either be part of a tribe or extremely skilled “do you think we could destroy it?” Asked Claw “someone would have to get a closer look for that” argued Hypno “your ideas are both decent but who would Have to send someone down there to see how fortified it is” said Foliage, slightly annoyed “I’ll go!” Said Lynx confidently “no. None of you should go, I’m the oldest and most experienced and besides Lynx I’m not supposed to get you killed” joked Foliage half serious “you all stay close but not too close, got it” ordered Foliage “okay” replied everyone. Foliage creeped silently to the base when all of a sudden from the looks of it the snow started exploding and next thing Lynx new Foliage had collapsed and Lynx was running toward her aiming to grab Foliages scruff. Lynx ran up and grabbed Foliage by the scruff and as fast as she could she dragged Foliage back to the others “you should have left me...turrets, I should have known” whispered Foliage “Nawt leaving yoo, yoo didn’t know” said Lynx with a mouth full of fur, the turrets where still shooting at them and now the human had come out and was yelling.




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