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Crossover thing Part Two. Oh yeah, this is by Jedi

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Crossover thing Part Two. Oh yeah, this is by Jedi

He spent a whole day looking for rocks and eventually made a hatchet. He got some meat and hide from the weird sloth. He dicected it's claws and brought them with him. They might be useful. He more or less cooked the meat and made some clothes. He decided to go inland and see if he could find anyone. A few weeks later he found a village. They took pity on him, gave him a sword food, better clothes, taught him a few things, and then sent him on his way. A few months later, he had contacts all over the island. He had even found out how to make flak gauntlets that could use his therizinosaur claws like wolverines. He eventually made a house on the redwoods. He sometimes goes through the redwoods, taming random things and getting supplies. He has a Microraptor that sits on his shoulder named Josh. His mount is a terror bird named Scott.

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