The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Part Five or Six I think

By Jedi

Christopher walked through the Red woods. He was looking for something to kill. He had been trading pelt and prime meat with the Painted Sharks for metal and other resources. He formed a fist while walking and his Theri claws came out. It has been a week since he had found out how to infuse them with flak gauntlets and he still hadn't gotten use to them. Every time he made a fist they shot out and surprised him. He stopped walking when he found his prey: a dire bear. He pulled out his bow and shot it in the neck. It roared in pain and died. He got the pelt and meat from it and moved on. He went to the southern islets and traded it all for a simple pistol and some bullets. When he came later, the village was destroyed, burnt to ashes. All of the village warriors' bodies were in a pile, with a flag on top of them. It had a pike and a longneck rifle on it. He didn't know, but he had seen the aftermath of the Red Leigon.

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