Hello, this is the same guy who tamed a whole pack.

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Hello, this is the same guy who tamed a whole pack. Apparently the one I tamed wasn't a alpha but he was level 48. He is now at level sixty and his name is jupiter. We got all of the rators safely back home with a longer route after sneaking past two spinos, a rex, several sarcos, and a hand full of titan boas (we killed a bunch of the titanboas). But enough about that. I'm here to tell the story of yesterday. Me and my sister were going hunting with Jupiter and Atalanta (She's my sister's favorite. Level 31). We killed a handful of dodos and a few parasaurs. All of a sudden, I heard a bone chilling roar I looked to my side, and I saw my worst fear in the game: an alpha raptor (it's my worst fear cause of Jurassic Park). My sister, while riding Atalanta, ditched me. But with good reason though. Atlanta was after than Jupiter but with less health. She went back to base and called in reinforcements. Meanwhile, the Alpha called two raptors to its aide. Part 2 coming soon

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