Me and my sister ACCIDENTALLY tamed a whole pack.

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Me and my sister ACCIDENTALLY tamed a whole pack. We had tamed one on the footpaw and a few days later we decided to get another. We scoured the entire footpaw with pteranadons and only found ONE. We decided to go to cragg's island to explore. We crossed a river and saw a gianormous meg. Decided that we wouldn't take anything because we might not get it back. Then the raptors came. We saw two and decided to take them (I know, I know, we said that we wouldn't take anything but their RAPTORS. We couldn't leave them.) We split up on either one. Later we realized that the one I got WAS AN ALPHA. Then we found a tek one and tamed it, and another normal one. Right now we just have to figure out how to cross the key river. I think that we should run across without the raptors, get our sarco, and kill the megs(or at least try). My sister thinks that we should go around the river which is longer. I guess that we will just wait and see.

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