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This is the story of my ptera.

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This is the story of my ptera.

Once on Ragnarok I crafted myself a saddle and arrows and went looking for one of these creatures to tame, as I was searching in the jungle, I saw her, a female 145 with a dark gray body covered with rusty orange stripes stuck between two trees.

I quickly readied my Bola and started shooting arrows until they ran out, then I started clubbing her until the club broke, then I started punching her until my fist bled. Until, finally. She let out a squawk and dropped to the floor, I quickly picked some narcoberries and gave her the meat my dilos and I had hunted.

I waited beside her as slowly she took the pieces of meat I had given. When she woke up I put the saddle on her and rode her home to my small house. From then on she was my go-to tame for everything, whether it be thatch gathering, exploring, or taming.

I took her on my near fatal trip to the sands of change, on the way back she was bitten by a giga in the Highlands but still carried me on back home.

Next she helped me get to rashaka Savannah to tame my jerboa, who sadly died to a furious ankylo, and on the way see my first griffin.

Then she helped me in my daring mission to tame an Argy, who turned out to be an orange and brown male found in the jungle ruins, he took many arrows and a lot of patience for both me and Ochrestripe to tame, and when I finally got him knocked out he landed in a precarious position on a palm trunk bridge in oluf jungle, and sure enough Ochrestripe offered to supply me the meat needed to tame him.

Even after I tamed the Argy, Ochrestripe was my favourite.

But, sadly. like all good things, our friendship couldn't last forever,

I took Ochrestripe on a mission to tame a replacement jerboa, it was successful. But I decided to go exploring further, while exploring, I happened across a canyon of pale rock with archways and a large river at the bottom, and at the end of it was a hollow with a lake in it, a cave that many learned Ragnarok players will know well, a cave of death, a cave of suffering, a cave of red, blue, and green, a cave where the greatest and most deadly monsters on all of Ragnarok gather to breed and raise their young, the name of that cave, a name that strikes fear into the heart of survivors, was Wyvern cave.

And near the mouth of the cave was a lightning wyvern, Ochrestripe tried to fly to safety, but another lightning wyvern appeared, it wouldn't give up the chase no matter what, we tried every trick that could help us, jinxing, dodging, fast turnings, loop de loops, every trick that is, except barrel rolls. . .

Just when I was beginning to think we'd get out alive, in a fell swoop that will haunt my nightmares forever more, the wyvern shot






I saw it explode into a dazzling show of lights, and at the center, Ochrestripe fizzled and crackled into nothing but cinders.

The wyvern knocked me out, incinerating the new jerboa in the process.

But it wasn't my own death that I cared about, I could replace the items I had lost.

But I couldn't replace Ochrestripe.

RIP Ochrestripe the pteranodon.

(forgotten date 2020 - 1 November 2020)

Was eaten by a wyvern.

You will be missed and remembered,

You were a good companion,

a loyal tame,

and a brilliant hunter.

I write this on 1 November 2020, only hours after her death.

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