Ultimately Chapter 10: The Search for Sanctuary Part Two

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Ultimately Chapter 10: The Search for Sanctuary Part Two

Andrew heard Reuben whine as they stood in the dark, not knowing where they were. He assumed that the pedestal was really the small terminal to a large teleportation pad. He took off his backpack and reached in for his flashlight. He grabbed it and turned it on. He found himself in a damp, cavelike room. Inside the room, by the back wall were several items including a small teleportation pad. Something that Andrew thought would come in handy later. Andrew turned around and looked at the rest of the room. The room connected to a tunnel that seemed to be uneven with the room he was in. Andrew walked toward the tunnel and looked down to the bottom of the tunnel and saw rail tracks. He was in a subway station. He jumped down and looked to his left and then to his right. To both sides the tunnel continued with an access ladder back to the room on the right. Andrew stood there for moment unsure of what to do next. He didn’t know which way to go. He wasn’t sure what direction would take him to where he wanted to go. He took a chance and decided to go the left.

“Reuben, Come.” Andrew said aiming the flashlight at him.

Reuben immediately jumped down into Andrew’s arms. Andrew dropped the flashlight and quickly caught him, falling to the ground afterwards. Reuben got up and walked off Andrew and started licking his face. Andrew giggled and started shielding himself from the tongue ticking him. After a moment of struggling with Reuben and his uncontrollable tongue. He got up, grabbed the flashlight and started walking into the left tunnel with Reuben close behind.

* * * *

Andrew walked for what felt like only an hour before noticing that the tunnel began to get brighter and brighter. And as he walked further down the tunnel. He saw bright white light cracking through the dark tunnel. Andrew could barely see with all the light blinding him. He knew he was nearing the end of the tunnel.

He continued walking forward and walked straight into a wall. He fell back and his eyes began to adjust finally. The subway tunnel at some point collapsed at the entrance to the tunnel, leaving only a tight gap to walk through. Andrew hated tight spaces. But he felt this was the only way to the outside world, to Sanctuary and to hopefully others. He looked back at Reuben and whistled him to follow as Andrew squeezed through the crevices and to the outside world.

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