Okay, got all caught up on Hero’s of Pandora, so on to…

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Okay, got all caught up on Hero’s of Pandora, so on to the next story to read which I think will be either reader’s story or jointed mysteries. I can’t wait for chapter 29 of Hero’s of Pandora though!!!!

Moon, awesome chapter you wrote!!!!!!!! It shows how Crimson really feels. But I hate the cliffhangers!!!!! The suspense drives me crazy!!!! I can’t wait for 78!!!!!! I am also glad you like my idea. And I’m excited to hear more on this upcoming project/better version of the obelisk/alternate story that will happen after the obelisk story. Also now I am gonna get all my thoughts on paper or on a writing site and prepare for to start writing chapters, characters, plot and the prologue. Also you should at the end of the obelisk do a video on YouTube with the whole story from chapter one to the final chapter of the story, that way it will all be be in one easy spot to read.


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