Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

Through the eyes of the Dark phoenixes.

Chapter thirty: Better safe than sorry.

Zooey Young had once been a peacekeeper but she still felt like one. She had never repented from her old ways and never intended to. When Tortuga had been destroyed she had gone into the sewers with a bunch of other losers. She’d pretended to be sorry for what she had done but on the inside? On the inside she was still just as evil.

Zooey was upstairs in her room. She cocked her head at herself in the mirror. Her braided hair was black, very black for her age, and she had cold calculating icy blue eyes. A streak of white hair ran across the top of her head. Zooey frowned.

She would definitely need to fix that. She didn’t like looking old, and white and grey hair definitely made her look old. She would have to dye her hair again. More black.

She blinked and suddenly she saw out of the reflection of the mirror a shadowed figure. Zooey grabbed a dagger from on top of her dresser and spun around. She threw the dagger at him. The shadowy figure moved his head slightly and the dagger hit the wall behind him. “Nice try.” He said.

“Who are you?!” Zooey demanded. The figure gave a cold chuckle. “You should recognize me…Zooey.” The shadowy figure said. He reached up slowly and pulled his hood down. Zooey gasped and fell tot he ground startled, as the shadowy figure walked up pointed his. Sword at her neck.

“You!” Zooey gasped. The figure smiled slightly. “In the flesh.” He said, his voice all gravely. He pressed his sword against her neck. “You were one of the most oldest, loyalist peacekeepers and yet whenever your city and mayors were destroyed….you still continue to follow the path of the guilty. You deserve this. You are guilty. Guilty, guilty, guilty.” He pressed the sword in harder and was about to end her when….

“Please! Wait! I have information that can help you get what you want! Please! Please!” Zooey begged. The shadowy figure stopped with a amused expression on his face. “I’m listening.” He said, amusedly.

“In my travels I found out that the Dark phoenixes of legends are real!! They can give you what you want! They have all kinds of powers! Please you have to believe me!” Zooey begged. He cocked his head at her. “I believe you.” Zooey sighed thankfully. “So you’ll let me go?” Zooey asked hopefully.

The figure chuckled. “Of course…..unless……you’re lying to me. Better safe than sorry.” The stranger growled. “Please! No no! NOOO!” The sword pressed into her neck. The last sound that Zooey ever made was her long piercing, dying scream.

Next book coming soon! Thank you guys for reading!


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