Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

Through the eyes of the Dark phoenixes.

Chapter twenty eight: The…guests.

Queen Nora and King William gasped at the sight of the three of them. “What happened?!” Nora shrieked and hurried over, William close behind her. As soon as Nora touched them to see if they were okay, her medallion glowed and she accidentally healed them. “Well….” Cyra began but Cyrus interrupted her. “Full moon was coming out and Cyra and Jack took me outside before I could hurt anyone or anything!” Cyrus lied.

Jack was surprised. Cyrus was lying for them so that they wouldn’t get in trouble? William studied them with narrowed eyes. “Really is that true?” William asked Cyra and Jack. “Yes.” They said in unison. “Well…well…well…at least tell us next time! And don’t do that again!” Nora scolded. (Of at least tried to)

“Go get ready for supper.” William instructed. They immediately complied, Edgar to get out of the room.

A short while later they all came down for dinner. Cyra sat down in between Cyrus and Jack. “The guests will be here shortly so please mind your manners.” Nora said urgently. She seemed nervous. They ate in silence until the castle gates creaked open and a guard led the guests in.

The guests were wearing cloaks and were slightly wet because it had started to rain. One of the guests was a man and the other was a woman. The man led the woman over. William and Nora stood to greet them.

“Welcome we are so glad y’all could come!” King William said. “And we are glad you invited us.” The woman said quietly, her cloak hiding her face. The man took his cloak off and hung it on the coat rack. The man had sandy brown hair and brown eyes. He looked vaguely familiar but Jack couldn’t place him.

The mysterious man walked over to the woman. “Do you need help taking off your cloak, Em?” The woman shook her head. “No. It’s rather cold without it.” She replied. She reached up and slowly pulled her hood off. Her hair was a dark glossy red and hung in a long braid down her back and her eyes were a milky white.

No emotions or thought could ever be read when looking at her eyes. Jack gasped and almost toppled over in his chair. He slid from it. “Em-Emma?! Emma is that you?!” He asked, so surprised he stuttered slightly. The woman blinked and turned her head in his direction. “Jack?” She asked softly. Jack ran over and hugged her. “Emma! You’re alive!” Jack exclaimed. Emma smiled and reached out to feel his face.

“You’ve grown so old.” Emma remarked. Jack smiled and turned to the man. Now he knew who he was. “Andrew!” Jack said. Andrew smiled. “Jack, my old buddy!” Andrew said. They shook hands. “It’s so great to see y’all again!” Jack said. “How did y’all survive? Where have y’all been? Why are y’all here? I have so many questions!” Jack said.

Emma laughed and patted his hand. “Don’t worry Jack. All will be revealed in time.”

They all sat back down to eat and talk. “So…who were your parents?” Nora asked Emma. Emma thought carefully for a minute as if trying to remember their names.

“Our mother’s name was Arianna Black daughter of Irene Goldblume and Marvelo Black. My father’s FULL name was Aragorn, wait no it was…what was it…ah yes! Our father’s name was James Aragorn Riddle and I think his parents names were….Edmund Riddle and Sophia Jackson? I don’t know why he changed his name to Aragorn Peterson. ” Emma said.

William who was drinking water suddenly sputtered a bunch out in surprise. He accidentally splashed Cyrus. Cyrus set his jaw angrily and marched from the table. “WHAT?! Your father was a shadow phoenix?!?!?!” William exclaimed.

Emma blinked. “If he was I was unaware.” Nora and William exchanged looks. “Apparently there is a lot we need to tell you”

Ah another cliffhanger ending of a chapter! Enjoy it…..while you still can.”


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