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Skullhelm's story chapter 3 part 5.

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Skullhelm's story chapter 3 part 5.

Skullhelm, Cinder and Sapphire walked through the abandoned human village. 'Wait, I can smell something' Sapphire said, her huge orange eyes narrowing slightly 'Like what?' Skullhelm asked 'Like a.. troodon!' Sapphire said.

as soon as she said this, an ash grey troodon leapt down from a chimney and said: 'Grreetingsss' Sapphire made a series of unintelligible clicks, growls and hisses in her own language, which the newcomer swiftly returned, 'He says he's peaceful' Sapphire translated. 'Good' Cinder said, 'Ssso' said the black troodon 'what are two mesopithecusss, and a troodon doing here?' 'We're looking for a black mesopithecus' Sapphire replied. 'Ah, what luck, he passsed by here not two hoursss ago' 'Where was he going?' asked Skullhelm, 'He was going north' the troodon replied. 'Brilliant!' said Cinder 'Oh, and by the way. Who are you?' he asked the troodon 'Ah how rrude of me, I have forgotten to introduce myssself. I am Èta.

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