Skullhelm's story chapter 3 part 4.

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Skullhelm's story chapter 3 part 4. Skullhelm and Cinder sat waiting for Sapphire underneath a large tree in the campsite, soon they saw the deep blue troodon slip out the doorway of a large hut and make her way across the camp to them, 'so, what did you find out?' Cinder asked her, 'Storm II has...' 'escaped' Skullhelm cut in 'yes' Sapphire said, 'how far has he got' Cinder asked, 'we don't know' she replied. Later that day Skullhelm, Cinder and Sapphire were walking through a redwood forest in search of Storm II, a snarling purlovia burst up from the ground, but was easily dissected by a few quick swipes of Sapphire's claws, eventually an abandoned human settlement came into view, 'this is where the humans think he went' Sapphire said, Skullhelm looked around 'looks like the sort of place he'd hide' she said. more in chapter 3 part 5

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