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Skullhelm's story chapter 2 part 3.

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Skullhelm's story chapter 2 part 3. The two behemoths fought fiercely, the bronto was winning, the many humans on its back climbing over the rex like ants defending a nest, Skullhelm watched in awe as a huge chain Bola shot out of a ballista on the bronto's back and hit the rex, ensnaring it's legs and immobilising it, but then there was a huge explosion on the brontosaur's back and an argentavis with a very familiar mesopithecus in its talon flew out of the blast, 'that's that Storm II monkey there!' Skullhelm said to Cinder, they both started tossing balls of faeces at the bird, it eventually fell unconscious, dropping it's rider a hundred feet into the jaws of a waiting allosaurus, but they saw that Storm II landed safely near them, they both ran to where he had fallen, when they got there they found him fighting a tamed raptor on their side, but soon he killed it with a bite to the throat, Skullhelm leapt at him from behind and Ember helped keep him there. (More in chapter 2 part 4

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