Skullhelm's story part 5.

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Skullhelm's story part 5. Cinder sat in front of a mirror in the human's house putting on various hats and helmets, 'I still don't see why you need a hat, Cinder' Skullhelm said jumping up onto the table 'well if you get to have a fancy helmet, so do I' he replied, eventually deciding on a chitin helmet, Cinder started eating a large rockarrot, Skullhelm sat nearby using the teeth of her helmet to saw a particularly tough savoroot up and eat it. 'I wonder what's taking our human so long?' said Cinder, 'he said something about an aggressive human tribe stealing food' Skullhelm said back, almost as soon as she said this the door opened and the human stepped in, 'hi monkeys' he said to them, 'I managed to find that stealing tribe, but it would seem they don't take kindly to peace offers', 'lucky I brought a lot of medical brews!' the human said putting down several empty beakers, 'so our tribe will probably have to go to war with them' (chapter 2 part 1 coming soon)

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