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(fan fiction) Skullhelm's story part 1, the mesopithecus…

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(fan fiction) Skullhelm's story part 1, the mesopithecus wandered around looking for food, she saw a plant with the bitter-purple-food on it in a strange square patch, 'Oh-oh uh'-uh! She said in delight, she started eating the mejoberries off the the bush, she looked up, she saw a tall-two-legs-no-tail walking towards the bush, 'argh-ooh-eegh?' she chattered, the human looked down at her. 'a monkey!' it said, the mesopithecus stared, the human offered her a long-orange-earth-fruit which she took happily, such delicacies were hard to come by, she decided this tall-two-legs-no-tail was worth sticking with, she jumped up onto his shoulder, he started walking towards a small-mountain-den-cave and took her inside 'ooagh?!' she said as she saw the inside, it was lit by an orange-red-destroying-light and had various objects inside, then suddenly the wall fell in and the head of a red-fire-killer-scale-beast appeared, snarling. (More in part 2).

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