Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

Through the eyes of the Dark phoenixes.

Chapter nineteen: Sunny’s birthday. Part 2

The crowd turned back to Sunny and was silent. Waiting. Waiting for her to speak. “Well, are you gonna say anything?” Leah joked. The crowd chuckled. “Well…I don’t know what else to say so…cake?” Sunny asked. The crowd cheered. “Bah humbug!” Captain Shortstacks said, scowling. “Nobowdu asked fow youw opinion!” Johnny told Captain Shortstacks. “Johnny!” One of the other soldier’s hissed. “Oh wiggghht…I was supposed to just think that wight?” Johnny asked. People slapped their foreheads. Aaron snapped his fingers and the Executioner pulled a lever and balloons flooded the room. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY!!!!” All the characters cried. Sunny smiled widely. “Thanks guys. Y’all didn’t have to do this.” Sunny said. “It was our pleasure.” Tom said. “You created us!” Rachelle said. From a back room Arianna and Elizabeth’s parents wheeled a ginamourus cake out. The words “Happy Birthday Sunny!” were frosted on it. The prison “chef” sneered. “I wanted to make the cake!” He pouted. “Ooh cake!!” Justin cried. Willow rolled her eyes but she looked secretly impressed at the cake. Arianna slipped through the crowd over to her husband. He was standing in the corner, watching his children and her with a happy expression on his face. She came over and put her hand in his. “I love you darling.” She whispered. Aragorn pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead. “ I love you too.” He whispered. They gazed into each other’s eyes. Then suddenly his eyes filled with sudden pain and realization. “It’s okay.” She whispered. The corner’s of James’ mouth trembled and tears gathered in his eyes. “We must celebrate the time we have together while we have it.” Arianna whispered. He nodded and they walked through the crowd together toward Sunny.

Meanwhile Cake was being dished out. “Mmm this is good!” Peggie said. She was on Jaquin’s shoulder. “Yeah…but I prefer meat.” Brutus growled. Peggie’s eyes widened and she scampered off, screaming loudly as Brutus chased her. They ran past Irene. She smiled and turned to her husband. “Such funny creatures don’t you think?” Irene asked him. He nodded. “Of course.” He eyed James with their daughter. After everyone had finished eating everyone gathered in the ball room and they danced. Emma danced with Andrew, Eric danced with Elizabeth(they still were terrible at it), Jay with Sylvia, Arianna with James, Tom with Leah, and more couples dances. Jack walked over to Cyra and gave her a small bow. “May i have the pleasure of this dance?” Jack asked. Cyra shrugged. “Sure. Why not?” Cyrus watched Jack with a upset expression. Cole, Michael, Mike, and Mickie watch from the sidelines.

Sunny sits on the sidelines. She takes a small piece of her cake. Mmm! Cherry! Bella strolled up and whines, and faced Sunny with her begging eyes. Sunny smiled and scratched Bella on the head. “You can’t have cake Bella. It’ll make you sick.” Sunny told her. Bella lowered he head sadly and trotted of to find James. Sunny sighed. She watched her characters. They looked so happy.(most of them) She hated to send them back. She sighed. “I’m so sorry guys for everything. “ She whispered. “But I’m proud of y’all , I really am. She fingered a medallion around her neck. It began to glow orange. And then everything slowed down and everyone was sucked back into their rightful places in time. They didn’t remember anything from that night. All was back to ordinary but Sunny never forgot that happy night and deep in her character’s hearts they didn’t either.


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