(The first book starts in achatina and continues in abc…

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(The first book starts in achatina and continues in abc order and then the second and third follow it)

Riddles of the Phoenixes series

Through the eyes of the Dark phoenixes.

Chapter fifteen: Dinner.

Cyra came running up. She looked at Jack’s slightly purple face. “Are you okay Jack?” Cyra asked. Jack nodded. Cyrus gave her a fake smile and they walked together down the hall to the dining room. Nora and William were already seated at the table. Cyrus sat in between Cyra and Jack. They all ate in silence. Their was steak, potato soup, vegetables, and bread. Cyrus ate his meat and then for some reason pushed his plate away leaving the vegetables and bread still on his plate. Sweat snaked down the side of Cyrus’ face. Jack felt uncomfortable sitting next to him. Jack pushed his food around with his fork to make it look like he was eating until he saw Cyra’s glare from her spot at the table. Jack gulped and tried to swallow a spoonful of potatoes but only succeeded in almost choking himself. Cyrus was breathing rather heavily in Jack’s ear. Suddenly Cyrus’ medallion began to glow a menacing black. William pushed back his empty plate. “Well, I’m stuffed. Cyrus, you look peaky. Would you like to go take a night walk in the fresh air with me?” William asked casually. Cyrus nodded and they walked out. They walked quickly through the city and then through the giant gates. William turned to the guard who was opening and closing the gate. “Whatever you do do NOT open this gate for anyone until I say so. Understand?” William asked seriously. The guard nodded.

Jack sighed with relief as soon as Cyrus left the table. Cyra watched them go with a worried look on her face. Jack studied his glass of water. It looked normal enough. No grayish tinge to it. Jack picked it up and swallowed a large gulp of water. Then another. And another. Then the glass was empty. Outside a loud wolf howl cried.

Jack glanced at Cyra. Her medallion was hanging around her neck, glistening in the moonlight shining in from the window. “What are-are-are y’all’s medallion powers?” Jack asked. “Mine is speed.” Cyra said quietly. “And I can heal people.” Nora said. “And bring back memories. But most powerful phoenixes can do that anyway.” They didn’t mention Cyrus’ power but Jack didn’t mind. He had had enough of Cyrus for the day. The man had threatened to kill him for Pete’s sake! Jack pushed back his plate and walked away from the table. As he was headed to his room he saw a book lying open on a chair and a tiny purple snail with a brown shell, a achatina, was inching its way across the book as if it was slowly reading it. (🤣) Jack shook his head and kept walking until he entered his room. He sat on his windowsill(they had replaced the glass with some substance that couldn’t break.) and gazed out into the night. The moon shone high that night and the stars twinkled brightly. Jack sighed. Where was Jay now? Probably blaming Jack for all his woes. Jack scowled. What was Jay’s problem? Always blaming Jack. Technically it was Jay’s fault because he told Jack to take care of Josephina and Jaquin. Jack sighed.


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