-Jerboa travels-

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-Jerboa travels-

Chapter two.

Helen woke on a sandy beach by the ocean. She new it was a beach because she could hear the ocean roaring nearby and she was half covered in coarse sand. She opened her eyes to see a strange little creature with long ears and long tail. It had very large eyes. It squeaked. It was holding her compass. “Hey give that back!” Helen said snatching her compass from the jerboa. The jerboa looked down sadly. It hopped off her. Helen sat up. She opened her compass and gazed at it. The compass arrow was spinning round and round. She looked at the little jerboa. “Here,little guy you can have it back.” Sh said gently then she dropped it in front of the jerboa. The jerboa squeaked happily. It hugged the compass to its chest. Helen laughed, fascinated by the small creature. The jerboa climbed unto Helen’s shoulder and sat there. Helen decided to let him come with her. “Come on you little rascal.” So She and Rascal set off to find the plane.

I hope you are liking this story so far. The next chapter is going to be in carbonyes. ( I don’t know how to spell that)


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