A hyena’s scars.

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A hyena’s scars.

Chapter thirteen.

“All right, here’s the clue: they say that three minds are smarter than one but in reality one mind is as smart as three.” Roxy said. “Now remember don’t tell anyone. Also I suggest you figure it out quick because if you don’t…things are going to get even funner!” She slinked off through the crowd until she had disappeared. “We gotta tell someone.” Axel said. Zora sighed. “Like who? Who’s gonna believe us?” Zora asked her friend. “Hi Zora!” Andrew said coming up behind her. Zora smiled at her brother but on the inside she was worried. What if Roxy came after Andrew or her parents? “If you’ll please excuse us Andrew we gotta discuss something.” Zora said. “Okay!” Andrew said cheerfully. Zora and Andrew walked outside to a place where no one else was around. “Okay one mind is as smart as three?” Axel said. “What could that mean?” Zora wondered.

New chapter coming soon! Sorry if it takes a while. I don’t know if I wanna continue this story yet….


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