A hyena’s scars.

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A hyena’s scars.

Chapter eleven.

Zora awoke the next morning to shouting and howling. “My baby! My poor baby!” A mother cried. “Another hyenadon has been killed! Where is Zora!” A tribe member roared. They all fell silent and looked at her. “Where have you been?” One of the tribe leaders asked. “I just woke up.” Zora said. He scoffed. “Likely story.”

“Search the caves….again for this murderer.” Said Zora’s father. “And Zora you stay right there.” Her father said.

Zora sat down on her haunches while the others searched. Axel walked up. “Hi.” He said. Zora sighed. “Hello.” Axel cocked his head thinking. “We need to figure out what she wants from you and we can come to some kind of bargain.” Axel said. “She said I should know what she wants. Why can’t she just tell me?!” Zora exclaimed. “Everyone thinks I’m naïve.” A hyenadon walked up. “You are.” They turned to see….Roxy. “Shh, don’t say anything or the first one who leaps to action will be dead.” Roxy said, her body tensed with anticipation.


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