A hyenas scars.

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A hyenas scars.

Chapter ten.

Zora entered her cave room to find her family. “Where have you been?” Her father asked. “I was in a field close by.” Zora said. “We’re you with anyone?” Her mother asked. Zora nodded. “Yes, I was with another hyaendon.” They sighed gratefully. “What is it?” Zora asked. “Another hyaendon was killed, this time it’s stomach ripped out.” Her father said. “Ew.” Zora remarked, disgusted. “So that’ll give us evidence that I didn’t make up Roxy?” Zora said. They nodded. “We have proof now.” Her mother said. Zora nodded thankful she was not to blame.

Roxy paced back and forth. She had waited year after year until she was sure Zora was ready. She knew what she wanted she just had to get Zora to understand. And now Zora had unlisted the help of this…Axel. Roxy chuckled. “Like he would be much help.”she thought. Now it was time for some blood to spill. She grinned evilly. She crept through the dark cave, finally coming to a sleeping tiny hyaendon. He lay beside his mother but she was fast asleep, by the time Roxy had finished with him no one would hear his cries. She dug her teen into his neck, killing him immediately. Blood seeped through her teeth. She released him. The taste of blood was so… flavorful. She smiled.

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