Dodo Tales (Ep14 S3)

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Dodo Tales (Ep14 S3)

The first thing Jerry asked when he woke up, was not where he was, or even what had happened, but instead he immediately asked for water. Jerry was only half-conscious when he had spoken, so only when he had fully recovered did he realize the value of his request. He needed water soon. The trek through the desert had taken its toll.

The room was humid, and not just the light humidity some places have, but a heavy and thick humidity.

From that day forward, Jerry promised himself that he would find out more about his past.

"You alright?" Asked Rick, who was dressed in different clothes, which was an oddity, since you don't usually care what you looked like when you're fighting for survival.

"I think I'm recovering. What even happened?" Jerry asked.

"We don't know...not even the doctors could explain it." Rick replied.

Jerry knew at heart what it really was:

Old memories.

But something didn't feel right, and when he realized this it pained him more than anything else.

They weren't his.

* * * * * * * * *

It was night now. Everyone was gone.

They had all moved deeper into the town, and were most likely sleeping after the long celebration.

Ares walked up to the corpse. Surely the armor would be worth something. After all, it belonged to a lost general. Better to take it now than when the army comes for their revenge.

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