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[Idk yet, help me find a name]

A fanfiction by Dodo tales guy

Chapter one

Confusion. Wonder. Fear.

He looks around his new home.

"Wha- what?" Is all he can manage to say

"Not much sunlight down here" he thinks

"A cave? Anyone else here!?" He says.

No reply.

He hears something. A digging noise perhaps?

Definitely a digging noise.

Out of nowhere, a giant snake rises up from the ground. It stares at him, confused. Then it strikes, missing. He starts running as fast as he can. "HElp!!!" He stops yelling halfway through, because he realizes it takes too much energy. He bumps into something big. "A stego? I thought they went extinct...wait, how do I know that?" He asks himself. The snake arrives. It fights with the stego.

"Oh god please don't die...what does God mean? How do I know these things!?" At this point he is filled with confusion more than anything.

* * * * * *

"First night I guess. No chance of survival for me. If I stop writing then I'm dead." He writes in his new journal

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