Dodo Tales (Ep13 S3)

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Dodo Tales (Ep13 S3)

The arrow caught the man in the neck and for a moment, time seemingly slowed to a crawl.

Then, Jerry felt guilt and pity.

Did the Phoenix really deserve this fate? He thought back on the death of that tyrannical monster from the island. Did he even deserve to die so horribly?

Then, everything was normal again and Jerry watched the man's knees buckle as he collapsed onto the scorched ground. He was definitely dead.

Who had shot the arrow? Jerry got a quick glance at the culprit.

Was is Ares? No, Ares had died to those Raptors.

Jerry couldn't tell, so he never said a word about it to his friends.

For now, it was time to celebrate.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Jerry thanked the townsfolk for their kindness and hospitality. Although everyone else danced for their victory, Jerry and the others sat on the sand chatting. That was when it occurred to him that they had never truly sat down and chatted for a while. In the middle of a discussion about Rick's favorite food, a pain stabbed Jerry's head like a hot knife. Everything around him faded away. He was...home? He sat on a wooden floor and heard something coming from behind a door. He opened it with curiosity overpowering him.

For the first time Jerry saw a part of his past life when he opened that door. His mother. His family.

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