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Dodo Tales (Ep12 S3)

"That's not important anymore, let's go back to the city and save sergeant and my dodo." Jerry suggested.

"Are you crazy? Those weirdos almost killed me when I escaped." Rick replied.

"I have a plan."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

They approached the gates after finding Henry's rock golem, which had wandered off before Ares' unfortunate demise. "WE CAN DO THIS THE EASY WAY, OR WE CAN DO THIS THE HARD WAY!" Jerry yelled at the top of his lungs.

Several guards walked out with pikes, but were greeted with a boulder thrown by the rock golem, killing them instantly. more walked out, this time overwhelming them.

"Oh, you must be our prisoner's friends." Said The Phoenix.

"I must say, you greet people very kindly, let me repay you." He said, dragging the limp body of sergeant.

"But first I want to thank you for all the fun you have caused me."

Jerry's eyes filled with hatred and fear. Surely he wouldn't cause him more pain and guilt than he already felt. Nobody was like that.

The Phoenix smiled, driving his sword through sergeant's chest.

"Kill the rest. Throw the bodies into the canyon." He said, walking back into the town. Jerry and the others fought through the hoard of enemies, and thanks to the rock golem they eventually won.

The flak man noticed this, and ran.

"HELP! SOMEBODY!" he yelled. The Townspeople now knew this wasn't who their prophecy told of, so they helped the others. The man was now cornered.

Suddenly Jerry heard a whistle.

The whistle of an arrow...

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