Dodo Tales (S3 Ep10)

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Dodo Tales (S3 Ep10)

"Get ready!" Somebody yelled as the doors opened. "FIRE AT WILL!"

They fired their weak guns, but they barely did much as the unexplained man in full modified flak walked in. whipping out a pistol he shot two dead, pulled out a second and shooting someone that was running away. He walked up to somebody else, hitting them in the leg to make them stumble, then spinning and grabbing a knife, before plunging it through their head with ease. Another ran towards him, but he dodged, kicking them in the chest, before flipping them over his shoulder and aiming a pistol to their head. "Have mercy! I have no doubt you with bring peace, as the prophecy foretold, but what reason do you have to kill me?"

"The funny thing about mercy is, the ones that ask for it are never the ones that deserve it."

The shot rang out before going quiet.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Where are we?" Asked Jerry, looking at Henry. "I don't know." Henry replied.

Everything around them was white, not a single thing was any other color other than them. Everything around them spun, color weaving itself into reality with every second until they were viewing the desert from above. "What the-" Jerry began to say, but stopped as his eyes fixed on a figure.

"Sergeant..." he whispered. Henry stared at Jerry, although Jerry never stared back.

"Ares told me about sergeant." He said, nervously biting his lip, afraid of Jerry's response. To his surprise, Jerry just said "I've seen that before."

Henry was confused. Seen what?

"We passed where sergeant was...yesterday." to his horror, he realized Jerry was right. They had passed where they were viewing sergeant the day before...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"This whole town is now under new leadership." stated the man in flak.

"My leadership."

"Whatever you wish, sir. Just give us the peace the prophecy told of. My apologies for your rude welcoming, we did not recognize you."

The man glared at the nervous soldier, who was unable to stare back into his eyes and looked at the ground.

To everyone's surprise, a figure approached the town.


He walked up to them saying "I will do what you require, as long as you quench my thirst. My throat has been dry and my tears nonexistent."

"We will do as you ask."

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