The house of madness

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The house of madness

Chapter three: A new mission.

Tom blinked and the memory was gone. He was still sitting on the throne inside the castle that had once been the shadow phoenix castle. A man walked up to him and gave Tom a short bow. The man had light brown hair and light blue eyes. He was wearing metal armor and on his arm there was a large scar in the shape of a wolf face“Sir, Marvelo is bringing your daughter to you.” The man said. Tom nodded. “Good. Leave me Morbax.” ” Tom waved his hand as if dismissing the other man.

Hailey and Brutus followed “Marv” down the dark hallway to the throne room. She loved spending time with her father. She wasn’t exactly sure if he was her actual father but he looked vaguely familiar. In fact she wasn’t even sure if Jaron was her brother. Whenever Hailey was alone her mind tended to go around in circles. Sometimes she wasn’t even sure what her name was or who she was. The doctors said that it was probably from a childhood trauma or something. Hailey didn’t know because she didn’t remember her childhood. Hailey for the fifteenth thousandth time tried in vain to scratch at her wrist but stopped. On her wrist was a implant implanted into her wrist. Her father said that when she was a child something had happened to her and she almost died and so he used a implant to keep her alive. Hailey knew her father loved her though he was very stiff and far away. Finally they came to the gates that led to the throne room. Marv entered first. Brutus did not enter the throne room. “Sir, your….daughter has come to see you.” Marvelo said. “Good. You may leave. All of you.” Tom said. Everyone left except for him and Hailey. Tom rose to his feet and studied Hailey for a second then Hailey ran over to him and hugged him. Tom stood there shocked for a second. He patted her awkwardly on the back. She let go of him. “You’ve grown up.” Tom said. Hailey giggled. “But I just saw you a few months ago!” Hailey said. Tom nodded. “Yes, I wish we could see each other more often but…I have your first mission.” Tom said. “Really?” Hailey said excited. “Yes, and Brutus will go with you. Marvelo will take you to meet the team your going with.”


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