Dodo Tales (S3 Ep9)

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Dodo Tales (S3 Ep9)

If you didn't know, the sunrise is a beautiful sight, a sign that life has survived another day. For Jerry it was different. Last sunrise there were more of them, this time one less. Henry really was relentless with eating their food, which was made up of mostly bread and Dodo eggs.

Jerry's Dodo was still missing, probably in the hands of those weirdos, as was Rick, and

they needed to find sergeant before dark.

Jerry's throat was dry, a desert is an unforgiving place indeed.

"Water...please." Jerry croaked, before coughing a couple times. If this hill had water on the other side, only then would there be hope. They passed it, and to no surprise, it was dry like every other foot, every inch, every crack and crevice was at this point. Just rocks and sand.

Jerry missed the island. Water everywhere.

If he had known what would happen, he never in a million years would've ascended.

"Is there a way to get back to the island?" Henry asked, as if reading his mind.

Henry's accent really didn't show in times like this. "No" Jerry said, believing it.

"I hate this place."

"Me t-"



"Look!" Henry pointed to a very small body of water that Jerry would've missed.

They walked up to it. Despite warning Henry multiple times about the shade of the water, he kept drinking until Jerry couldn't take it, and began drinking as well. Jerry felt weird afterwards..kind of...tired.

"Do you feel that?" Jerry asked, turning to Henry, who was unconscious. This could mean only one thing:

a trap.

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