*speaks SLOWLY and QUIETLY!!!* *reads old arguments…

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*speaks SLOWLY and QUIETLY!!!*

*reads old arguments while on the millennium falcon*

*this technically counts as REVIEWING NOT arguing!*



Looks familiar

*glances back to the argument where I called you arrogant*

So now you're even stealing my arguments?



Yes I denied your peace tree, because at the time I thought of it as an excuse for the last word. It's my fault for not accepting it the first time, so I tried again and YOU denied it, because maybe you thought the same thing. PLEASE DØWNVØTE THIS AFTER A DAY OR TWO, SO IT GETS FORGOTTEN LIKE THE REST OF THIS ARGUMENT!

*gets up*

*grabs something out of a cabnit*

*lifts a seed into the light*

"If we cannot do it, then the peace tree THREE shall bring balance.

Third times the charm."

*sucks it out through the airlock, and against all odds, creates the first ever SPACE PEACE TREE*


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