P Metallica,

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P Metallica,

Leave. Just leave with your "eyeball jar"

Or whatever that was.

I plant a peace tree, and try everything, but it's not good enough for you. You can't possibly let go of your anger, yet you still think you deserve to be considered not perserverent, smart, and good at arguing.

You can't have it all, yet you have some desire to. You may just be the most perserverent, arrogant, and sensitive person I've ever met. If someone says does something and then tries to apologize, you seriously would just cry about and run away.

You do know the next step WOULD have been apologizing, even though we could never truly forgive each other.

I had a dream recently, and I think it was symbolic. It was a rope hanging between two cliffs and I was supposed to climb it to the other side. It must have been hundreds of feet in the air, and 20 feet across. It seemed impossible, so I found another way, an easier way, but In return I looked like I wasn't brave at all. I should've climbed the rope and it would've led me down a better path, in more ways than one, but I was afraid

-DTG (yes, it was a true story)

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