*plants tree*

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*plants tree*

*speaks calmly and slowly*

From our hatred, our thoughts, our passions, this tree shall grow, turning this graveyard of a section slowly back to the way it was, as these pointless sentences are washed away.

I hope that even after all this crap, we can rebuild. I hope that we can finish what Christmas could not. I hope that in time, we can hate each other less.

For example:

Although they may be perserverent efforts sometimes, I admire how you don't friggin' stop fighting until the end.

Now come, everyone in the dragon section, as we forget about pigeons, we forget about insulting everyone, an we forget about the last word. These things only drove us all apart, but this tree of forgiveness can mend our problems.

Find answers.

Find hope.

-DTG, who has for some reason become a zen master, or something.

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