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PM, I relieve you of your excuse of an arguing position today,

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PM, I relieve you of your excuse of an arguing position today,

Because the argument never existed, it never has, I've been arguing with google.

*crowd gasps*

I put some of your "arguments" through a plagiarism test, and the best of them, not surprisingly, came back as heavily plagiarized. Imagine wanting to seem super smart, but not even covering up your damn tracks. You can get in trouble for not using quotation marks while COMPLETELY stealing and not even changing the wording. I am not lying, I have extreme evidence.

Not only that, but you have directly said budda was wrong about some things, not elaborating or researching, so not only are your arguments lazily stolen, but they are also unsupported. Now tell me. How can we end an argument that never even happened? Huh? Do you have a dumb argument for that too?

You cannot have an argument with someone who actually uses their own opinions when YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY! I'm sure you don't even know what 90% of the things you've argued over even are. More proof:

Seasnake said, "PM is probably a college student" and you didn't respond at all, although you most definitely saw that post, leading me to believe that you aren't a college student, LEADING ME TO BELIEVE you don't even understand the concepts you pretend to be a master of, YOU STEAL THEM FROM PEOPLE WHO DO, since MOST (not all) people who are not yet in college, do not understand them.

"The proxy for intelligence" argument, not including the beginning where you mentioned me, came back 100% plagiarized.

Swamp guy, seasnake, CL1, and everyone else, I hereby sign the peace treaty, BUT YOU MUST AT LEAST TAKE MY POINTS INTO ACCOUNT.

-a finally finished DTG

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