P.M., I love pursing arguments too...😐

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P.M., I love pursing arguments too...😐

I take back what I said about life having no meaning...I now agree with whoever said it is suffering. Let me ask you something:

What is more painful, life or death.

Ever heard of "Rest in peace".

Life is not salvation, death is...that's the thing nobody can usually comprehend, because it's the nature of the Human brain that tells us we need to survive and spread.

That's why I'm never having kids 😂

ALSO, HUMANS HAVE A MUCH MUCH HIGHER AVERAGE IQ THAN PIGEONS. lastly, by saying brain size is not a good proxy for intelligence...you prove my point, because that means they could have been even dumber than pigeons.

If you wish to pursue an argument, stop throwing punches at a wall.


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