The Dodo uprising - chapter 3

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The Dodo uprising - chapter 3

Three Years Earlier

The small Dodo was lifted on the platform until it came to an abrupt stop. "Subject 372. Post exposure. Not very intelligent. Small and weak." Said the scientist, staring at the small bird through the glass window. "We are on schedule. You have permission to begin the test." A voice told the scientist through an intercom. Pressing a button, the scientist watched with excitement as the sharp needle injected into the flightless bird. It squawked and started to panic as it trembled. Then, it stopped and the scientist took off her glasses, leaning back into her chair with disappointment. "Test failure. Maybe the next subject wi-" she was cut off as the window exploded into shards and a monstrous bird climbed out. Her screams were heard on the intercom as the Dodo ripped flesh from bone. The test was indeed a success. They had created a monster...

* * * * * * * *

Present Day

As the trucks rode out through the massive indoor city, the screams and cries of the innocent became unbearable. A man covered in blood jumped toward the slow moving truck, trying to climb on. A Dodo lunged toward him and clasped its beak around his leg, pulling him back as he desperately tried to hold on. "Speed up." Suggested a soldier. "But, we can't just-" jerald began as the truck sped up. "Sorry, but we can't risk everything just for some civilians." The soldier told him, looking away and firing at something. Jerald stared with disbelief as they neared the gates of the city. Would he finally escape? The truck suddenly stopped and Jerald heard screams of terror. A wave of tiny hovering birds surrounded them, blocking out the sky. He felt sharp pains as the tiny birds bit him. Tiny Dodos? Turning, he watched as the birds carried a soldier into the air. The man screamed as the birds completely covered him and bones dropped in his place. Jerald opened the truck door and ran towards the gate with the remaining soldiers.

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