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The Dodo uprising - chapter 2

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The Dodo uprising - chapter 2

Jerald looked up at the sky. The only thing not hidden from him. He had heard of grass, but never had seen it. Only the farmers and hunters saw such things. Suddenly, he was being yanked to his feet by a soldier. "EVERYONE, EVACUATE THE PERIMETER! THIS AREA IS NOT SAFE, I REPEAT, THIS-" the soldier screamed as a massive bird pinned him on the ground and started to eat him alive. Jerald ran and the oversized chicken turned to look at him, letting out an indescribable blood-curdling noise that permanently scarred him. innocent civilians around him were attacked. He spotted a car and picked up a stone, throwing it at the window and climbing in, ignoring the intense sharp pain from the glass. A bird walked to one side of the car, and another on the other side. They both saw him and were ready to attack. Jerald hastily climbed into the back of the car as the birds tried to get inside. With all hope lost, Jerald closed his eyes as the evil creatures prepared to kill him like they had with so many others. A gunshot sounded and Jerald looked up to see soldiers with assault rifles all shooting at the birds. "Hurry! Before more Dodos come!" Someone yelled as Jerald climbed out of the car, his body still trembling. "You're damn lucky we showed up before they ate ya'. Can you shoot?" the same person asked, picking up a spare gun. "No. Uh- how do I use a gun?" Jerald said quietly, still shocked from the Dodo attack. "Pull the trigger and hope to God it don't get jammed. That's all you need to know. If you're a bad shot, well, at least you will've tried. Don't expect to live though." The soldier finished, handing over an assault rifle with surprisingly little hesitation.

They climbed onto trucks and sped off through the city. Everything was on fire and in ruins. Jerald watched in horror as people just like him were attacked and killed. He shot at the birds, but it seemed as if there were infinitely many of them. They just kept coming...

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