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The Dodo uprising - chapter 1

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The Dodo uprising - chapter 1

Jerald sat on the steps of his porch, lost in thought. He wished to see the outside world, but it was hidden from him. He hated the place, and hoped the walls would just fall down so he could run free. He never thought it would become a reality...

* * * * * *

"THERE'S BEEN A BREACH! GET READY!" someone yelled as soliders grabbed guns off the walls, one by one, moving on and putting on full flak. "Show no mercy!" They yelled, getting behind cover as the first tek walls collapsed. General Sherman heard gunshots and screams as he spotted a grenade across the room. He'd have to come out of cover to grab it. Voices screamed in agony and bones crunched as the dim red light shined through the room. Blood covered him, but it wasn't his. His hand reached for the grenade as the gunshots and screams stopped. His heartbeat was the only sound. His arm stretched and he felt the grenade with the tip of his fingers. Suddenly, a massive talon pinned his arm as he screamed in pain and surprise. A beak clasped around his neck and pulled. The bird ripped his head off as torn flesh dangled from his neck. More came to enjoy the feast of bodies. It wasn't alone.

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