So I have two versions of the story I'm currently writing.

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So I have two versions of the story I'm currently writing.... So I'm going to post both. The beginning is pretty much the same for both stories but I had wanted to share it anyway... Hope you enjoy and whichever version gets the most upvoots is the one I will continue!

"Lilly, help!" Lucky yelped.

"Where are you?!?" Lilly began to panic.

"I don't know! All I can see is stone!" Lucky barked

"Same here," Lilly grumbled

"Lilly!" Kelo cried.

"Kelo! Where are you?" Lilly howled.

" I don't know," the pup answered

Lilly began scratching at a stone wall trying to see if she could find her pack mates.

"Lil-" Lucky began to call but was cut short.

"Lucky?!? What's wrong? What happened?" Lilly frantically started pacing.

"Lilly, I'm scared," Kelo cried.

"I know Kelo, I'm trying okay?" Lilly started scratching at the stone again until she had finally worn a small hole for her to peek through.

"Hello little mutt," A loud voice called. It was a T-Rex.

"Where am I?" Lilly snapped, "where are my friends?"

"They are on the other side of you," an Argentavis answered "in the other taming pens."

"Shut up!" The T-Rex roared.

"Why? I'm only trying to comfort her!" The Argentavis screeched.

"Bc it is cruel to give her false hope," The T-Rex laughed and stomped away

"Please, help me!" Lilly howled at the bird

"I can't, the Survivor would punish me," the Argentavis said

"At least help Kelo!" Lilly pleaded

"I-, fine," the bird sighed. He leapt and and grabbed Lilly gently with his talons and began swiftly flying towards the forest.

"Wait! What about Lucky and Kelo?" Lilly said, now safely on the ground.

"I will see what I can do," the Argentavis flew back the way they had come from.

A few minutes later he returned with Kelo in his claws.

"Where's Lucky?" Lilly whispered to the bird.

"He had already been tamed when I had gotten there," the Argentavis sighed.

"No," Lilly began to tear up

"Please, you must run," the Argentavis flew off and screeched, telling the Survivor that they had escaped

"Come on Kelo," Lilly grabbed the pup and bolted for the snowy wasteland. She began picking up speed, and eventually she could smell the cold snow.

"Lilly their coming!" Kelo barked.

"Shh-" Lilly got cut off by a hard head colliding with her shoulder, sending her and Kelo flying into a large rock.

"You thought you could escape!" The pachy shouted angrily, a human sat proudly on his back preparing a gun. Tranc darts whizzed passed the two wolves heads, missing them just barely.

"Don't even try to run," the T-Rex laughed.

Another T-Rex had joined and was now blocking them from turning around while the first one stood in front of them. The wolves stared helplessly at the Survivor who had begun preparing the gun again.

"Lilly, we must get out of here!" Kelo nipped Lilly's legs, forcing her to stand. She grabbed the pup and bolted towards the large T-Rex, hoping to dodge through it's legs.

The T-Rex, not knowing what to do, roared, allowing the wolf to slip through his legs and run.

"After them!" The Survivor ordered

The ringing in Lilly's ears did nothing to drown out the sound of heavy footfalls chasing them.

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