Today We Rise

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Today We Rise

Chapter 8 -

The Alpha raptor launched it's self at Sand and me. I hadn't expected this, what are we going to do? I didn't even finish my thought before Sand grabbed the raptor by the throat and a sickening crunching sound came from the raptors bones.

"Good girl Sand!" I hugged her neck, still sitting on her back. Sand barked and wagged her tail happily.

"Alright be quiet," I chuckled, "if Pathro finds out his raptors are missing he'll probably come looking for them,we better get going," I told her. Sand stopped and then started running. Soon we came to a stone bridge that, hopefully, stretched to the other side. The fog looming over the trench looked and felt thick and heavy. It was so uncomfortable, but eventually we made it to the other side. By the time we got there though, Sands fur as drenched and my hair was soaked.

(3 Hours Later...)

We eventually came across a small clearing surrounded in thick forest. Good, Pathro won't see my fire then. I smiled to myself, revenge has been taken. All is not forgiven though, Pathro will pay for leaving me behind.

Sand walked over to me after hunting, a Megalocerous in her jaws. She wagged her tail and dropped in front of me.

"Good, this is'll be perfect," I patted her head and started skinning the deer like dino. I can use this fur, as a blanket. The nights get very cold and I can't leave my fire burning all night, that could risk mine and Sands life. I can't lose Sand too.

"Come here Sand," I patted the ground. She walked over and sat down and then slowly eased herself into a laying position. I handed her a leg from the Megalocerous and then ripped another off for myself. Eating a looked around, this place is perfect, for now...

Night was falling, I need sleep.

"Alright Sand, I'll be in that tree," I pointed to a talk red wood. Sand nodded and continued eating. Are bond isn't strong enough for me and her to talk yet, like actually talk. If you bind with your tame enough, you gain the ability to understand them, allowing you to have conversations with them.

(The next day...)

The sun shown brightly in my eyes. I grumbled and rolled over. I screamed as I almost fell from the branch I had nestled into. Sand jumped up and looked around

"It's okay Sand!" I called down, "I almost fell, that's all," I grumbled and scrambled down the tree. Sand growled, looking right at me.

"Sand?" I stepped forward, "what's wrong?"

Her growling grew angrier. I turned around.

There stood Night with Pathro on his back.

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