Dodo Tales (S2 Ep10)

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Dodo Tales (S2 Ep10)

"We can help" Jerry stated

"Agreed" said sergeant

"To battle!!!" Jerry yelled as he grabbed a sword and headed through a small one way door. They all followed him. "Rick!" Jerry yelled as he ran towards him. Loki was behind Rick. "Finally, we're all together" jerry said...

The battle lasted for hours, both sides had lots of casualties. Finally, one of the enemies yelled "retreat!!!" But a sword went through his body. "We shall continue the fight!" Yelled Fenrir who Rick wished he had killed. A battering ram successfully knocked down the gates an hour or so before. They slowly had moved the battle inside of the city. Loki looked at Jerry "go, it's up to you to take him ou-" he stopped as a flaming arrow found it's way in his side. He screamed as he went up in flames, his burning body reaching out to the others. "HELLPPPPpppp..." his voice died out with him. All that remained afterwards was a charred body. Jerry's jaw was practically on the floor at this point...

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