The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

The epilogues.

Epilogue 1.

A man walked through the ruins of the city once called Tortuga. He was a paled skinned man with slicked back black hair and green eyes. “He had been here.” Tom thought. “Everywhere he went destruction followed.”He came to two small bodies lying next to each other, barely alive. They were twins it seemed. Both had blonde hair and hazel eyes. One was a girl and the other a boy. He began to walk away then stopped. Something about the girl looked familiar. She looked almost like….no it couldn’t be. The only difference was her eyes. Tom bent down and gently picked the girl up, then the boy. Hopefully they would be worth the trouble.

Epilogue 2.

The mayors sat at a small table in their comfy bunker. “We could stay here for days!” Mike said happily. “Yep! There’s enough food and water to last us two years!” Michael exclaimed joyfully. “Yeah! Hey, executioner come join us!” Mickie said. The executioner had come with them into the bunker. No answer came from the executioner. Mike walked over to the executioner then let out a high pitched scream “Ahhh!” The executioner lay on the ground, his eyes lifeless, his mouth open wide in horror and a slit running across his throat. Suddenly something stabbed through Mike’s chest. A sword. Mickie and Michael watched in horror as their brother fell on the ground dead. “Who’s there?” Mickie cried out. Then Mickie fell to the ground dead, a slit in his throat. Michael shook in fear. “Wh-who’s there?!” Michael said. Suddenly a sword was at his neck. “Don’t move.” A gravely voice said “Y-you can’t hu-hurt m-me!” Michael sputtered desperately. The person gave a low, cold chuckle. "Just because you are a mayor doesn’t make you invisible.” “Do you have any last words?”the person asked. Michael whimpered. The Michael felt the sword press into his neck. Then everything went black.

Michael’s head fell to the floor at the shadowy figure’s feet. The figure chuckled again. "They will pay. All of them.” He said.

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