Dodo Tales (S2 Ep1) sneak peek 😉

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Dodo Tales (S2 Ep1) sneak peek 😉

Banished. Gone. No water, no food, just desert. The worst part was the heat, never bothering to go away, scorching the lands day and even night.

"How much longer do we have to walk?" Ares asked pointlessly. That was the last straw, Jerry collapsed. He moaned as Rick lifted him and dragged him, still recovering from his wound. "Do you guys want to be safe or not?"

Rick said. "The further we go, the harder It is for them to follow us"

Jerry lifted his head "WATER!" he yelled, before coughing. "And this time it's not a mirage!" "It better be real" Rick responded.

They approached it and it was definitely real. Jerry dropped face first into the shallow water and Rick took out a bottle and drunk something in it "you had water the whole time?" Ares asked Rick

"oh it's not water" he replied "it's something better"

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