Draconis tales chapter 40

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Draconis tales chapter 40

Amethyst searched the mountain for hidden entrances, even close up, there was nothing that looked like it could be a door or tunnel.

"Found anything?" He said to Bluefeathers, who had glided there from searching another part of the mountain. "Nothing visible" the rock drake replied, Lupus jumped opve from somewhere nearby,

"I haven't found anything either" he said.

Bluefeathers took her glowtail off of her shoulder and set him down on a rock, "sometimes Glowyrm knows random helpful things" she explained.

Glowyrm looked at them, but said nothing.

"Maybe Obsidian will have found something" Amethyst suggested.

"Yes" Bluefeathers agreed.

"Let's see" Lupus said.

Standing up, Amethyst walked towards where the black fire wyvern was searching, the others started to follow him.

The final ten chapters are in crystal wyvern queen, after I've finished I'm going to write The isle of the Griffins In Griffin section

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