Draconis tales chapter 38

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Draconis tales chapter 38

Amethyst and Obsidian flapped away from the angry vampire tree, Lupus bounding beside and Bluefeathers following on the ground and gliding off of crystals and rocks, blood wyvern's looked up from hunting, absorbing crystals, building huts out of bloodstained clay, and everything else that they were doing.

They continued until the blood landscape faded away to be replaced by ember-leafed trees with charcoal bark and rivers of molten magma, "how can these trees survive the heat?" Bluefeathers said. "It should be impossible for them to live in these conditions!"

"Only the outside of the trunks are charred, they have extremely heat-resistant wood that allows them to survive, the leaves help too, they release the heat into the air, which is what makes them release those sparks" Amethyst replied.

Flying through the ember ring, it soon became clear how much life actually thrived in the seemingly inhospitable environment; spiders and scorpions occasionally scuttled out of their

burrows; otters lived around the warm pools, eating the piranhas that lived in them; even featherlights lived around where they were plenty of insects and seeds, all of the featherlights seemed to have red and black feathers,

Bluefeathers looked at the featherlights, "these featherlights must be this colour because they were most successful, other coloured featherlights would have been easy to spot for any predator, so these ones did better and layed more eggs, so all the featherlights here eventually became this colour" she said.

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