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Draconis tales 37

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Draconis tales 37

Amethyst flew through the blood ring of the crystal jungle, keeping an eye and a crystal-sensor organ out for heirs.

After a while, they came upon a particularly large vampire tree, towering over the others in the area, it must have been one of the most ancient of all vampire trees, because as well as spikes, there was a huge unblinking red eyeball on some of its flowers.

"Careful, this vampire tree could be more aggressive because of its size" Amethyst said to the others. The tree's eyeballs were snaking around on their vines, searching for prey.

Suddenly, one of the eyeballs saw him, fixing it's vertical slit of a pupil on him, the whole upper trunk of the tree bent towards him, and what had previously looked like a stump where the trunk had broken away opened up and showed the many teeth inside.

A loud screeching roar came from the tree, all of its eyeballs and spikes locked onto him. "RUN!" He yelled, just managing to dive out of the vicious plant's way before it turned him into a bloodstained pincushion.

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